Welcome to the vibrant world of this Jamaican-inspired artistry right here in the heart of South Florida. A true visionary hailing from the beautiful island of Jamaica, brings a unique blend of talent and culture to the canvas. With a deep passion for art that knows no bounds, she seamlessly merges abstract creativity with the rich tapestry of Jamaican heritage. 

From striking canvases that burst with color and emotion to magnificent murals that tell stories of resilience and unity, each piece is a testament to the artist’s dedication and artistic prowess.

About The Artist

In an ever evolving realm of creativity and perspective where subjectivity is unbiased Gabrielle Real McKoy has finally honed in on her style of multimedia art. Excelling in both arts and sciences, she ultimately embraced what was bestowed upon her by the universe.

Having unlimited platforms as her textile and canvas, Gabrielle’s work graces historic landmarks and has earned her recognition at Broward County Library.

During post Covid Gabrielle was hailed as a local favorite in Hollywoods art walk event and is the preferred artist in the 501c community.

Having worked as a supervisor and social worker in 2019 Gabrielle exposed dimensions within movements of her work in the new series “Pho-Nipulation”.

This process is achieved by a free handed unnerving approach on raw photos to exaggerate and interprete exposure color and manual focus that creates balance and depth.

Embracing energy and optimism Gabrielle has also lent her craftsmanship to a series of precious stones which she has labeled “Eye Candy”.  Eye Candy is typically curated in an assortment of zodiac flavored gemstones.

Gabrielle “Real McKoy” epitomizes a dynamic individual seamlessly blending art and entrepreneurship, while staying connected to her Caribbean heritage.